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The Souche Automotive Services Co., Ltd Reaches Strategic Partnership with Alibaba Sports

By Sports Money Friday, 21 Aug 2020 18:01

August 18, 2020. The Souche Automotive Services Co., Ltd reaches strategic partnership with Alibaba Sports. Marketing content, including customer service, live streaming, and micro-shows, would be set as the essential element of the cooperation. The two parties would work together to improve customized scene-marketing service, get through the data of automobile and sports customers, and eventually accomplish the innovative scene-marketing system being designed exclusively for “automobile-sports” consumers group, with the help of big data system. In addition, the Joint Marketing Insight of Automobile and Sports Industry 2020 is officially released as well, which precisely depicts the consuming behavior of sports customers in automobile products.

Based on certain consuming scenes driven by sports and automobile customers, Souche Automotive Services would conduct cooperation plans with Alibaba Sports in three aspects. Relevant customer service, including customized activities for brand members, would be promoted after analyzing certain demands of automobile and sports customers. The two parties would conduct a thorough content integration in live streaming content as well as streaming columns. In particular, the 24che, sub-brand of Souche Automotive Services, would be exclusively responsible for cooperation with Alibaba Sports in automobile-related live streaming content. Meanwhile, the two parties would launch several interactive online and offline sports activities, in which tailored service would be made based on diverse characteristics of automobile brands. In addition, the co-branded card for customers of Souche Automotive Services and Alibaba Sports is also released, containing special benefits offered by the two parties.

According to industry insiders, the cooperation between Soche Automotive Service and Alibaba Sports breaks through the data-islanding dilemma in automobile and sports industry, enabling the two parties to precisely match and further uncover the new demands of certain customer group. Driven by big data system, the innovative digital-marketing would deeply explore the demand of consumers from physical and psychological scenes, accumulate relevant data for future campaigns, release potential value through data analysis, and finally lead sports customers to a new automobile-consuming scene.



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